Newsletter Newsletter N°1:

ITAC Newsletter n° 1, May 2013

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Table of Contents

1. Editorial By Constance Bommelaer, Senior Director, Global Policy Partnerships, and Nicolas Seidler, Policy Advisor, Internet Society

2. The OpenStand Paradigm and Its Importance for the Internet Economy By Karen McCabe, Senior Director, Strategic Marketing, IEEE Standards Association

3. Internet Policy Making –OECD’s Principles, Its Multi-stakeholder Approach and the Way Forward By Verena Weber OECD Economist/Policy Analyst

4. Sharing Perspectives in the Realm of Cryptography By Christine Runnegar, Director, Public Policy, and Robin Wilton, Technical Outreach Director for Identity and Privacy, Internet Society

5. ITAC Member Spotlight: RIPE NCC By Chris Buckridge, External Relations Officer for the RIPE NCC

6. Internet Exchange Points By Kurt Erik Lindqvist, CEO of Netnod

7. The Economic Benefits of IPv6 Implementation By Mat Ford, Technology Program Manager, Internet Society