ITAC Contributions

ITAC presentations at OECD WPIE and CISP meetings (June 2013, Paris)

During the OECD CISP and WPIE meeting in June 2013, several ITAC members had the opportunity to share their perspectives on key issues such as interconnection and traffic exchange, as well as Open Web Standards in the context of emerging mobile App ecosystems:

Internet Traffic Exchange:
During the CISP meeting, Ms. Jane Coffin, Director Development Strategy at the Internet Society, made a presentation on key Internet interconnection and traffic exchange challenges and opportunities. She provided concrete examples of work undertook by the Internet Society in Africa and other regions (e.g. Internet Exchange Points) to fill infrastructure and training gaps and increase connectivity at the local level.

-> Jane’s presentation:

Open Web Standards:
The WPIE has recently been working on key policies issues related to the “App economy”. In light of these developments, Mr. Robin Berjon, W3C team & editor of the HTML5 specification, made a presentation on the importance of Open Web Standards such as HTML5.
Among other aspects, the presentation emphasised the benefits of HTML5 for app development (e.g. interoperability, innovation), stressed the fact that that web technologies are already present in the app economy (e.g. Facebook, Gmail), and also provided the example of Firefox OS as a mobile operating system already running web technologies.

-> Robin’s presentation: