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ITAC Newsletter N°3 June 2014

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From Seoul 2008 to Mexico 2016: On the Road to Cooperation and Economic Growth

By Constance Bommelaer  Senior Director, Global Policy Partnerships,  and Nicolas Seidler, Policy Advisor, The Internet Society

IPv6 and the Internet of Things

By Vinton G Cerf, Vice President and Chief Internet Evangelist for Google

By Kathy Brown, CEO & President, The Internet Society

Review of the OECD Security Guidelines: An Update

By Jane Hamilton,  Senior Policy Advisor, Industry Canada, Chair, OECD WPSPDE

Shifting from Identity Access Management to Identity Relationship Management: Drive Revenue Growth through Agility & Scalability of Trustworthy Tools

By Joni Brennan, Executive Director,  Kantara Initiative

The Globalization of ICANN

By Government Engagement Group, ICANN

Capacity Building in the African Region

By Adiel Akplogan, CEO, AFRINIC

OECD Privacy Experts Round-table 

By Robin Wilton, Technical Outreach for Identity and Privacy, The Internet Society