ITAC Contributions

OECD topic: Identity Management

The OECD’s work on Identity Management (IdM) dates back to a 2007 Workshop on IdM in Norway.A Primer on the role of IdM in the Internet Economy was published in 2009, providing policy makers with a broad understanding of the various dimensions of digital identity management.

In 2010, a survey on national strategies and policies for IdM was initiated, which resulted in an extensive report on the topic. This report on National Strategies and Policies for Digital Identity Management in OECD Countries [DSTI/ICCP/REG(2010)3/FINAL] was declassified in March 2011. ITAC made a significant contribution for this report, which was included in its entirety in Annex of the document.

A draft Digital Identity Guidance [DSTI/ICCP/REG(2011)8] is currently in the works, building on what the OECD has learned on IdM since 2007. This Guidance aims at developing useful policy lessons for policy-makers. ITAC was invited to participate to the commenting process.